A limnos guide

The region of Hephaestus

Serenely hovering from the north in the Aegean Sea, Limnos (also spelt Lemnos) is a place to go for a peaceful holiday in close up contact with character. Sheltered gulfs, extensive beach locations and panoramas of volcanic stones, alternative with modest hills and traditional neighborhoods of gemstone residences. The volcanic tropical isle of Hephaestus, our god of blaze, gives its fertility to productive plains, which the natives make the most efficient of by creating goods of unique style and ideal quality. And this includes, the recognized Muscat of Limnos, a Designation of Starting point of High Quality sweet white vino with glowing color, wealthy aroma and full flavor, and the cheese “kalathaki” (=very little basket) a kind of bright white cheese which is still left to dried out and mature in little straw baskets, along with its delicious yellowish edition referred to as “melíchloro” (significance smooth cheeses of bee honey colour). The classy thyme bee honey as well as the new sea food will also be some of the excellent presents of mother nature to the fortunate tropical isle.

The background of Limnos is dropped from the mists of time. According to mythology, Hephaestus possessed his forge around the isle and trained its initially citizens, the Sinties, the art of processing copper. The Area prospered through the prehistoric instances. In 512BC it was actually conquered by the Persians, nevertheless it regained its liberty following the end from the Persian Conflicts. Since that time, it was subjugated consecutively with the Romans, the Venetians and also the Turks, until its definitive liberation in 1912 during the 1st Balkan Warfare.

Investment capital of your island is Mýrina, a community beautiful due to its conventional paved alleys, its older gemstone mansions, its promenade through the ocean, and finally due to its Byzantine Castle. The outstanding castle that overlooks the area is placed over a rocky and high peninsula, about the hillside that little deer wander free of charge.

Visiting throughout the tropical island is as very much an desirable practical experience as choosing only a number of its beauties to write down about is a awful task. Continue to, visiting Limnos is not really full without the need of gone to:

• The Petrified Woodland close to the city of Moudros, in which 1 has the ability to see fossilised trunks, simply leaves, fresh fruit and palm-shrub origins aged 20-22 million many years.

• The prehistoric arrangement of Poliochni which can be thought to be the most ancient Neolithic town in European countries. In fact, a rectangular developing with a dual row of stepped chairs that had been located on the site looks like a parliamentary structural structure; that’s why it really is presumed to be the earliest parliament uncovered on the planet!

• The archaeological website of Hephaestia, the ancient funds from the Pelasgians, as their beauty days and nights survived more than 2000 years (1000BC to 1200AD). Adore the ruins of any sophisticated of a town constructed and rebuilt in 10 tiers, which includes palaces, baths, Christian church buildings, a Hellenistic-Roman theater, a necropolis, as well as a sanctuary committed to the fantastic goddess Lemnos.

• Both modest lakes Alyki and Chortarolimni which comprise wetland habitats, shelter and reproduction areas for uncommon and vulnerable parrot species.

• The perfect for skin problems and urinary system method difficulties energy springs of Hephaestus, at just 4km from Mýrina.

• The waterfalls near to the town of Káspakas, where the oceans dash off a level of 15m to produce an appealing all-natural internet site dotted with small plateaus and little ponds.

• The small town of Kontiás, one of the greatest and most wonderful kinds, which happens to be created with a pine-clad slope and is adorned by conventional rock homes, deserted windmills, and the beautiful church away from Ághios Dimitrios together with the natural stone bell tower.

• The lovely soft sand shorelines in the small islands, starting from calm, distant, intimate to active and well-organized kinds. Especially the water sports fans goes insane to the seashores of Thanos, Gomati (treat yourself with the enjoyment of moving in the beach sand dunes there) and Keros, with the previous 1 being a famous heart for water joys and sporting activities. Nonetheless, the repeaters of the isle along with the locals would answer Platý or Chavoúli if they be asked to go with a beach to seem over a postal card from Limnos.

Getting to Limnos:

By airplane: The airport terminal from the isle is regularly linked to Athens, Thessaloniki and Mytilini also.

By boat: Connection with the small islands of Ághios Efstratios, Lesvos and Samothrace (within the summertime only) along with the mainland on the ports of Piraeus and Lávrio (Athens region) Thessaloniki and Kavála.Based in the northeastern Aegean Sea, Lemnos (or Limnos) is surely an amazing island positioned in between Lesvos and Thassos. As a result of its sizeable extended distance from Athens, This tropical isle continues to be spared from size vacation and it is undoubtedly one among Greece’s greatest-held key. Even in optimum period, its huge soft sandy beach locations remain uncrowded. Worth checking out all year long, Lemnos is called the homeland of the Amazons and home of Our god Hephaestus. But there is a whole lot to see and do. Listed here are eight factors good reasons to give this tropical isle a possibility.

Identify the island’s money, Myrina

Stretched between two bays; Myrina is split into two areas, Romeikos Gailos, a conservation location with assorted neoclassical structures, bars and restaurants, and Tourkikos Gialos, after some marina lined with stylish fish tavernas. In between the two bays is placed an amazing middle age castle worth visiting.

Myrina, Lemnos, Greece

Investigate the Byzantine Castle of Myrina

Situated in the maximum optimum in Myrina, the Castle of Myrina was commisioned by Byzantine emperor, Komnenos. The penetrating power at that time, the Venetians, ongoing the construction within the 13th century. Climbing up to the peak may be a tad stressing, however you will certainly be rewarded with the amazing see over the bays and the sea. In the castle, website visitors can admire the wrecks of the Turkish mosque and of some houses, but they can be lucky enough to location a herd of deer. While you are carried out exploring the castle, make your method to the attractive Nefeli for the rejuvenating bust.

The “cave church” of Panagia Kakaviotissa, Lemnos (Limnos) isle, To the north Aegean, Greece

The “cave church” of Panagia Kakaviotissa, Lemnos (Limnos) isle, north Aegean, Greece | © Heracles Kritikos/Shutterstock

The chapel of Panagia Kakaviotissa will undeniably get your breathing apart. This small chapel, found close to the small town of Thanos, is located within a rock cavity through the top of Kakavos Mountain / hill. Founded in 1416, the chapel was adopted as being a protection for monks and hermits. This modest hidden treasure, reachable after having a 20-moment move on the soil street, features remarkable vistas of your sea along with the mountainside of the isle. Be sure to go to within the past due morning to capture a glimpse of the chapel filled by sunlight.

You won’t have a hard time getting holiday accommodation in Lemnos, but if you would like move the habits and provide glamping a test, then your best bet is Keros seashore. One of the island’s most in-demand beaches, ideal for wind flow sports, Keros houses a kitesurfing and searching center where deluxe safari camp tents and bungalows are available for hire. Sleep near to nature without sacrificing comfort and ease and get out of bed to one of the better thoughts about the area.

Devote energetic vacations

It might be an beneath-the-radar location, but Lemnos undoubtedly has absolutely nothing to envy regarding its more popular neighbours. Suitable for blowing wind, kitesurfing and browsing, Lemnos appreciates steady wind on the summer season. Surfing Team Keros provides programs and renting devices for anybody interested, regardless if you are a novice or perhaps an superior lover. Instruction is located in Keros, and also in Gomati and Zematas beaches, dependant upon the weather conditions. If you ever desired to try it out, is now the chance.

Pay a visit to among the archaeological websites on Lemnos

ituated near Kontopouli, the original site of Ifestia (or Hephaistia) is situated in the northern of Lemnos and was established with the Pelasgians. The next largest town of the region during Antiquity, it once was a vital spiritual center right up until early on Christianity. Site visitors can enjoy a cemetery, ancient bathing, a Hellenistic theater and also the remains of the palace. The ruins of a sanctuary focused on the excellent Goddess can be viewed, showing the faith based significance of the website.


Myrina is home to an excellent neoclassical mansion homes the archaeological art gallery, in Romeikos Gialos. In this article, you will learn the history in the tropical island, from your copper era (Neolithic period) on the middle ages times. Collections incorporate realizes from your island’s significant sites: Poliochni, Kabeiroi, Imbros and Hephaistia, like historical craters, statuettes of sirens and also archives in the human population swap of 1923.

Lemnos delivers distinctive ecosystems, from tough scenery, cascading waterfalls, water caves and spectacular seashores. But during the region, website visitors will be surprised to find the island hosts a sandy desert, in close proximity to Katalakkos. Produced by natural deterioration, Pachies Ammoudies, as being the area is called, is home to yellow sand-friendly crops and is greatest frequented inside the past due evening, to protect yourself from solid sunrays. An additional wonderful normal wonder around the isle may be the rock formations in Falakro, inside the north section of the isle, nearby the village of Propouli. Produced by crystallized lava millions of years ago, these exclusive geological formations distinction with all the turquoise seas in the Cape, which makes it a breathtaking eyesight to behold. Buy your digicam ready and adore the yellow frozen lava developing impressive styles down the shoreline.

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